Helena and Puck
The Cliff Dwellers #3
The Offering
Who Are Those Guys?
Box Canyon
Raven's Nest
Sunrise On The Temperance
Morning Bath
Inca Temple
Renaissance Picnic
From my erotic work with
The Kinsey Institute
Peak Performance
North Wind
Goddess of Spring
Marsh Marigolds
Fall On The Prairie
Grab that log and help me prop this up.  Taken by the model.
Conclusion Of The Water Ballet
Dragon's Delight
No Shade 
Born Of My Father's Dreams 
River Rat
Sleepy Hollow #2 
(Midnight Light Painting)
Birth Of Venus
From A Distance It Looked Like Heaven
The Picnic
Safe Haven 
The Wind Talker
Sunday Morning
We parked at the base of those mountains and walked about ten miles to this spot.  I took this one shot and we walked back.  I believe there is a somewhat nasty comment in the testimonials section ref. this image.
The Cave Dwellers #7
Cradle Of Life
Nose Dive To Nowhere
Elen's Day
Barker's Dam
Winter Swing
Nymphs Hideout - Sarah 219 - Blue River Dream - Rose
Alice On The Run
The Calling
Frau Blucher
Willow River Picnic
Sun Flowers
The Frog Hunters
Icarus Also Flew
Lisa del Giocondo
The Hurt Locker
Hide and Seek
Your Majesty
River Strole
The Cave Dwellers
Gollum Sleeps
Lost Love
Nose Hair
I'll Go No More A Rovin With You Fair Maid
Valley Of The Sun