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Muse:  A model who serves as a source of inspiration for an artist.  Their relationship is often complex and multifaceted, involving not just posing for the artist, but also immersing themselves in the artists thoughts and emotions.  This relationship becomes a bond that few outside the true art community understand.   
A model an artist uses often is not a true muse, just a model that is used often.

Muse Anna

Anna and I began working together in June of 2002.  She soon became my coveted model, partner, collaborator, best friend and lover.  Anna threw her entire heart and all her emotions into creating our work, which spilled over into our private lives.  We became one entity.  I watched her mature and get married, and even photographed her wedding.  Her husband became a close friend and often accompanied her to my home, where he would fish while we worked.
But alas, things do not last forever, as she and her husband have taken employment in a faraway place.  My muse is gone, and my creativity along with my soul have been torn from my very being.
Attempting to recover, and seeking a probably nonexistent replacement muse...  In the meantime, enjoy some of our artwork, and a few behind the scenes images of over 20 years.

Anna Raw

The Woodman's Child

No Shade In The Petrified Forest

Anna's Private Collection

The Gap

Renaissance Picnic

Kinsey Institute Collection

Do You Want To Dance, Or Do You Want To Dance

Prelude To A Neck Kiss

Birth Of Venus

Your Husband Will Be Home Soon

Kinsey Institute Collection

Kinsey Institute Collection

Lady Above The Bar

The Diver

This one has a private story behind it, thus it hangs forever on my wall

Published-The Nude In Art


Rocket Man

And The Sea Shall Grant New Hope

Center For Fine Art Photography Collection


Published-Bodies In Motion

Nose Dive To Nowhere

Smithtown Collection

Sometimes You Loose Your Footing

You Can Dance, Every Dance With The Guy Who Give You The Eye, Let Him Hold You Tight

Behind The Scene Capture-Got swept down river.

Icarus Also Flew

Anna's Favorite Light

Pygmalion And Galatea

Queen's Throne

The Brush

The Chess Player

Kinsey Institute Collection

Simon Says

Giant Killer

Gallery 13 Collection

The Wrestler

Center For Fine Art Photography Collection

Hot Blooded

Morning Tai Chi

Dangerous Dance

Moon Landing

River Strole

Published-Bodies In Motion

Last Tango In Marcell

Mine Tonight

Slot Car Track

Ocotillo Dance

Published- Desert Nudes

University Of Arizona Museum Of Art

She Almost Slipped Through My Fingers


Crazy Horse

Kinsey Institute Collection

Arch Of Triumph

Just Hold Me

Behind The Scenes - Muse/Artist personal time

Behind The Scenes

It is difficult for most people to understand an artist/muse relationship.  If you find yourself judging our behavior, you are probably in the wrong place.   May I suggest you go, here.


All Things Being Equal...

You Need Some New Toenail Polish, Woman

You're Such A Square


The Cliff Dwellers #3

Lombard Collection

Tomorrow's Another Day


Plasma Cloud

Hiker's Victory

Momma Duck


Invitation To Dance

Behind The Scenes-personal time

Making of Renaissance Picnic

Valley Of Fear


Behind The Scenes-personal time

Behind The Scenes - Bug Spray Combat

Anna #741

Storms A Brewin


We Can't Tonight, I Have To Be Home

Behind The Scenes - Garden Raid

Anna #733

Chain Link Fence

School Of Fine Arts Collection I.U.

Take Me To Africa

You Can Carry On Till The Night Is Done And It's Time To Go.

My Love

Shadow Dancer

Left With Nothing

Don't Cry My Dear

Capture The Sun

Miss Liberty

Raising Superior's Dead

Spirit Of Ecstasy

Wentworth Collection

Behind The Scenes-Think I was just enjoying her ass.

The Cliff Dwellers #7

Amore Gallery Collection



American Erotic Collection

Three Tomatoes In A Bean Field

R.R.Hood #2

Herron Collection


The Kiss



One Fine Art Gallery Collection

Trying ideas for Renaissance Picnic.  Didn't get used.


Gentle Touch

Can You Stay The Night?

The Thinker

Hard Body

Amore Gallery Collection

Lonely Girl

French Vogue Collection

Dance The Night Away

Herron Collection

Headless Chicken



I Use To Be A Dancer, Many Years Ago

Can You Feel It?

Anna and I were not beholding to the mass's ideas of acceptable social behavior.  As an artist/muse, we felt as though we were one entity when creating art.

Emerging Nymph

Seem To Have Lost My Way

Hairy Hand On A Puffy Nipple

Behind The Scenes - Emotions



Amore Gallery Collection

Cold Cliff Creek

Aren't You A Little Bit Ashamed?

Nothing But Gray Skies Heading My Way

Start Of The Pinecone Waltz

One Fine Art Galley Collection

Trying ideas for Renaissance Picnic.  Didn't get used.


Making of the Renaissance Picnic

Can We Go Somewhere Tomorrow?

Behind The Scenes Artist/Muse Perk

We're Not Done Yet

Making of Renaissance Picnic

Don't Give Your Heart To Anyone

Cactus Flower

The Story Of O

Soft Light

Herron Gallery Collection

If You Only Knew How Much I'm Hurting

Valley Of Fear #2

TV Light

Published-Nude In Art

Feel My Heart Beat

Artist's Model

My Elinore Thornton

Behind The Scenes-Oops, Rogue Wave Got Her.

Never Going To Let You Go

Quit Being Such A Crab

The Wind Talker

University Of Arizona School Of Art

The Scent Of A Woman

"You Are Dripping All Over The Place."
"Well, That Slimy Patch Over There Is Not From Me.
Behind The Scenes
Inelegance of being human

Pulp Fiction

Behind The Scenes-No idea

Four Tomatoes In A Bean Field

Forest Nymph

R.R.Hood #5

Mary In A Tub

A Moment Alone

Center For Fine Art Photography Collection

Ancient Tree

Sleeping Next To Me

Pine Lake Art Center Collection

If You Tell Me To Go, I Won't

Behind the scenes-shower time

A Pillar In Time

Now, Can You Dance?


I'll Never Get Off The Ground

I Want To Be In The Spotlight

Herron Collection

Sticky Pitch

Making of the Renaissance Picnic


Acid Rain

Pure Anna

Renaissance Art


Tango Magic

Sort of Behind the scenes-All work and no play makes Dave a dull boy.


Over the years Anna scared about ten years off of my life.  This was one of those times.  150 feet with nothing but rocks below.

Prairie River Meditation

Behind the scenes-Cool down time

The Start Of Something More

I Only Take Off My Hat For One Thing

How Does That Church Thing Go?

Pull Me In

Indiana University School of Art & Design

Baby Soft

Behind the scenes-getting ready to do something fun, apparently.

Uncontrolled Landing

Smithtown Collection

Pray For Forgiveness 

I Must Fly Where You Can't Follow

Windy On Top Of The World

Herron Collection

Day Dreaming


Hand And Foot

Come Lay Beside Me

One Is A Lonely Number

I'm Not Letting You Go Tonight

Trying ideas for Renaissance Picnic.  Didn't get used.

Just Anna

Valley Of The Sun

Havana Nights

Another time Anna scared a few years off my life.  That is a long way down.  Those are trees not bushes.  Lousy photo, but I thew my camera and clamped a death grip around her ankle in case she couldn't get back upright.

Jump In, For My Love

Behind the scenes-Rental Cabin
"Don't stare at my boobs."

Behind the scenes-
Talking ideas.  I learned to listen to her.

Hungry Eyes

Take Me With You

We going to keep working, or go lay down?

No Stockings

Need to be held - Behind the scenes



Lake Roosevelt

Somebody just woke up - Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes stretching

Dance With Me

Behind the scenes-napping with her dog

Behind the scenes - Cold studio

Reflections Of My Memory

The Lift

Sunrise Dance

Temperence River

Of Course, Some People Do Go Both Ways


I Want To Be With Somebody

Not Quite A Shoe Store #2


Mills Pond Gallery Collection

Lone Prairie

Mountains In The Distance

She's Like The Wind



Long Way Home

Gallery 13 Collection

Just Try Me

The Vodka Bottle Is Over There



French Vogue Collection

This Is Not A Ski Resort Like You Promised



Just A Little Lower If You Please

All I Ever Wanted Was Love

I Belong To Someone Else

Going To Be A Harsh Climb



We Could Have Done Better

I Could Have Been A Dancer

Conclusion Of The Pinecone Waltz

Trying out ideas for the making of the Renaissance Picnic.  As you may have noticed by now, this was a labor intensive project that required much mental and physical preparation.  Didn't get used.

Into The Light

Chicken With A Wig


Hokey Pokey

Navigation Hazard

Catching The Mist

Cliff Dwellers #4

Bank Left

I Love You This Much

Behind the scenes-kiss break

Tiny Little Waterfall

Red's Submission

Cuddle Up And Cry

The Maiden

Just Like Gary Cooper

Not Quite A Shoe Store #4

Don't Look At My Ass

Bridge Of Friendship

And Now, For My Next Performance...

Behind the scenes - Lost in thought

Cold, Cold Heart

The Fall At Red Cliff

Yes I'm Free, Free Falling

Behind the scenes-Stopped the car to take in the view.  She made the foreground better.

Remember Me Tomorrow

Laughing because I had just fallen off the modeling table.

Too Many Hands

Stop And Smell The Roses

Catch A Falling Star

Warmth Of Summer

Self Love

I loved having Anna's dog in the studio while we worked.  He managed to clean all the cobwebs out of the corners.


Who Are Those Guys?

Rare two model shot, with Erin

Dance The Night Away

The Woman In Green

Very rare shot of Anna clothed

Going My Way?


Crazy Horse #2

One last, Simon Says.  Thanks, folks!

We thank you for your visit to our work and a peek into our Artist / Muse relationship.

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