Due to current fuel costs, I will be working mainly in and around my home area for the start of the 2022 summer season.  I will update this page should things change.  If you live in northern Minnesota, or are traveling through this area and would like to work with me, feel free to contact me via my email: 
Please read my ABOUT PAGE and my CONTACT PAGE prior to contacting me for modeling jobs.
Modeling jobs will be removed from this page when positions filled.
(If it is up, it is available)

Current modeling jobs needed: (2)
*Looking for local women to model nude in landscapes this summer.  All shoots will one to three-day outings.  Ages 18 on up, no top end.  You will get all images on a flash drive.  Able to work around your schedule.



*Looking for ladies that are flexible and fit for nude, outdoor, erotic tango sets.  Being able to dance is not required as this will be still posing work.  Preferably 35-65 years of age, but open at either end.  Will continue this project with various models throughout the summer months.  Should be about four-hour gig with lots of breaks for a 20-pose set.  Models are free to do as many sets as they want, but only one set per day.  I am willing to camp if a model wants to shoot multiple days.  Guaranteed to have sore muscles at the conclusion.  There will no doubt be a lot of laughing and tipping over during these sessions, so a good sense of humor is in order.  The images will not be posted on the web for the general public.  The best 20 images will be used in an erotic art show in St. Louis in 2023.  You will get all your images on a flash drive.  I have over 100 different poses that we will be doing over the course of the summer.  I will be letting the models pick every other pose that they want to do, but it is a first come, first choice thing, and I do not intend to do the same pose twice, so early models will get the best selection.  If it sounds like fun, don't pass this by.
Think nude and outdoors (might be a hay field; pine forest; or waterfall backdrop, who knows) as you look over these:
A couple of years ago I was horsing around with a similar thing in the studio.  It was a one-shot / one pose and not planned at all.  Lighting was set up for something else, so it was terribly lit.  We can do much better than that, if we take our time and not try and rush through it, get our feet and limbs where they belong, and use some natural light.  
We should come out of it alive, and with some nice work for our efforts.  Don't miss out on this if you are interested.
Will your images get in the show?  Only if you give it your best.