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I will be working mainly in and around my home area for the 2023-2024 seasons.  May do a couple of road trips come summer.  I will update this page should things change.  If you live in northern Minnesota, or are traveling through this area and would like to work with me, feel free to contact me via my email: 
* Please read my ABOUT PAGE and my CONTACT PAGE prior to contacting me for modeling jobs.
Modeling jobs will be removed from this page when positions filled.
(If it is up, it is available)

Current modeling jobs needed: (3*
*Looking for ladies to model nude in landscapes during the coming 2024 summer.  All shoots will be one to three-day outings.  Ages 18 on up, no top end.  You will get all of the images on a flash drive.  Able to work around your schedule most of the time.  Examples:


Sheba's Nest #3
Blue River Dream

Conclusion Of The Water Ballet
Sarah Jean


The Picnic

The Offering

The Lady Claire

Born Of My Father's Dreams






This is pretty straight forward modeling work, where you are a prop in the scenery of a story.  If you are relatively new to modeling don't worry, I know what I am looking for, so I will bend you around into the poses I need.  
Selected images from a shoot may be displayed here on this site and in gallery shows.  Your permission that allows me to do so will be part of our agreement for the shoot.  With most work I am not interested in seeing the model's face and prefer it not be visible, but that is not always possible or practical in every situation.  Sometimes a face needs to be shown, but I will only do that shot if the model is okay with her face shown.  The ability to remain anonymous is an option for all of my models. 
Nudes in landscapes is the bread and butter of my work.  Although I have been getting more and more requests for erotic gallery shows lately, my heart lies here, and this is where most of my income is generated.  This is the work the collectors pay high dollars for because they will own the only print of that set.  I not only will not sell another one of that image, but I will also not sell another print from that entire set.  I find it totally unethical to have the model move into a different pose and sell that image as well.  Not fair to the collectors that buy from me, and I won't do it.




Sarah Jean

*Looking for ladies to model for erotic work.  This is erotica, not porn.  Porn is for you to get off on, where erotica is meant to tickle awake an emotion.  Most images are implied, where the viewer doesn't see what is actually taking place even though it is.  But shows vary.  Themes for the shows run anywhere from humorous to high emotion.  Models need to be all in for this work.  There are no, "But that part you can't touch" scenarios.  Expect full body contact, because I don't care how good you think you can fake an orgasm, faked erotica looks terrible, and I don't do terrible.  You will get all the images edited on a flash drive, and you can do with them as you please.  Prefer models 25-65, but willing to work with others at both ends as long as the laws are followed.  I shoot what I need for my shows, not what you want.  Do not bring along sexy outfits because I won't photograph you in them.  I only shoot what is specifically required for an upcoming showI have several erotic shows scheduled in the next three years, so I have a lot to get done.   I do not shoot bondage or fetishes.  Models will end a session in the exact same condition they arrived in, although somewhat exhausted, quite sweaty, and often, a bit more content.  Shower is usually available.   
Any images you pose for will not be put up on this site without your written permission to do so, as those below have given.  My erotic work is not for the internet public, but gallery shows only.  I may ask you if you will allow me to post an image as an example, but that decision is solely going to be made by you in writing.  Those considering modeling for erotic work can view many more images that I have been allowed to use as examples, but we need to talk before permission to access that work is given.
Interested models please read the FAQ about erotic work, specifically about bringing someone along on the shoot.  You cannot.  Reasons explained therein.
Being winter, I can work around your schedule most of the time. 
Some mild examples of my erotic work: 

Hands On Operation
This gets the viewer's mind stirring, and that is what art should do.

Argentine Tango
Anna - See her work in the PORTFOLIOS

Weightless For A Moment
Age doesn't matter.  Cheryl is 69 in this image.

Easy On The Ear!


Eyes Wide Open But Can't See
Published - Erotic Art in America

This type of emotion is what I'm after.
If I had asked her to give me her best faked erotic look, this face would not be what I would have gotten.

All God's Children
In The Kinsey Institute Museum

Not Quite A Shoe Store #11


Beige... I Think We Should Paint The Ceiling Beige
I got a bewildered look when I told Cheryl this image was going into an erotic humor show.  A title can make all the difference.

What Do You Want On The Pizza?

Four minutes before she could compose herself enough to give me a straight face.  Of course, I was doing my best to make it difficult for her.  Which means I had 34 images of, not what I wanted. 
But, if you're not having fun while creating art, it's not worth doing.  This is an odd case where I was looking for total indifference, and she finally pulled it off, despite my attempts to distract her.
(erotic humor show)

Black Bird Singing In The Dead of Night
Published - Erotic Art in America


Renaissance Picnic
In The Kinsey Institute Museum
You can see the various stages of creating this image in Anna's portfolio.

The Chess Player
In The Kinsey Institute Museum
Anna is one of the few people I have worked with that can do still erotica very well.




One Hand Flapping
Published - Erotic Art in America

Lonely Girl
Published - Erotic Art in America


Ripper's Precious Bodily Fluids
Part of The Kinsey Institute collection



Toe Cramps
Published - Erotic Art in America
Short fingernails most welcome.

Limited View

Legal Notice:  All erotic shoots are recorded by time stamped video and audio from an uninteresting distance.  These recordings are made to protect both the model and me (mostly me) and are used for no other reason.  They are never seen by anyone.  Just a clear record of what actually took place and who agreed to participate.  All models doing erotica will sign a model release as well for my record keeping, even if they remain anonymous throughout production.  
I have never had a model complain about working with me, and I am doing my best to make sure that never happens.  Maybe it's me, but the way the world is going these days, I get a little nervous shooting erotic work with someone I do not know very well, hence the documentation.    
On a side note, I do not get offended by anything a model says or does during a photo shoot.  You can slap me on the ass or grab me by the whatever and it is alright.  If you are someone who thinks they may be offended by something I might say or do, such as slap you on the ass, go be offended someplace else because I do not want to work with you.  Creating art is supposed to be fun, not tiptoeing around on eggshells.  I have found a bit of horsing around while working goes a long way at setting people at ease with each other. 


* Looking for one to three ladies to work with me this spring on a triptych that involves semi-nude forest nymph(s) stumbling across a naked, wounded and dying warrior.  One will be the queen nymph, and if there are more, they will play maidens of the queen.  It takes place in a clearing, deep in the forest, under moon light.  First image being that of discovery of the wounded warrior where the nymph(s) are at a distance, having come across him.  Second image being the admiration of his body after they approach.  And third being (I have not decided where the third image is going just yet, but there are options to go in several directions and we may work all of them.  Comforting him until death takes over; continuing the admiration of the male body; using his body for their own pleasures before death; etc.)  I will be supplementing some or all of the moon light with studio lights as I will need them to be directed at locations the moon light will not be able to reach fully, if it is even out on that evening.  But I can make it look like real moon light.  I would like to do this in the spring before the mosquitoes get too wild, but after it warms up enough to work comfortably for a reasonable period of time at night.  Small window in northern Minnesota.  It may involve a good slathering of bug spray however if it doesn't happen until later in the summer, but who knows with this winter we have had what is in store for us this year.  Showers will be available at the conclusion of the shoot.  There will be multiple images (variations of poses and intent) taken during each of the three sets with the final from each to be chosen during post processing.  This triptych is scheduled to be shown in St. Louis, during August 2024 along with a couple of dozen of my other works, if I get it done in time and it turns out as I have envisioned
Anyone over 18 years of age is welcome to apply for this triptych shoot.  I don't care if you are 18 or 80.  I am going to be the wounded, dying warrior, but I won't be moving at all as I am near death and totally unaware of the presence of the forest nymph(s) throughout the sets.
E-mail me with the link near the top of this page if you are interested in participating in this venture.  If you and a friend or two would like to work on this together, that would be wonderful and save me trying to get multiple ladies together.  I will be shooting this with how ever many ladies are available at the time
.  One, two or three.  Maybe no one, in which case I will pout for the remainder of the year as I have been planning this triptych for a long time now, but three will be the max on this shoot.  This set falls more into the line of erotica than nudes in landscapes, just to be clear.


Footnote:  I have been getting more and more requests for erotic gallery shows lately, so I will be splitting my time this year about equally between my landscape nudes and erotica.  That will allow me more time to spend with models wanting to shoot erotic work, but my schedule for landscape nudes will be tighter.  Those wanting to model for landscapes should notify me as early as possible to be in the summer 2024 sessions.
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