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I will be working mainly in and around my home area for the 2023-2024 seasons.  I will update this page should things change.  If you live in northern Minnesota, or are traveling through this area and would like to work with me, feel free to contact me via my email: 
Please read my ABOUT PAGE and my CONTACT PAGE prior to contacting me for modeling jobs.
Modeling jobs will be removed from this page when positions filled.
(If it is up, it is available)

Note:  Currently looking for a permanent muse in Itasca County area to work with me on a regular basis.  Not age specific (18+, no top end).  Will involve all styles of photography that I do and road trips from time to time. 
Being a muse is different than just being a model. It's a long-term commitment that gets
very personal
Able to work around your scheduling.
No experience needed but expect a lengthy learning curve.
Muse Anna in the portfolio page for an idea what is involved.
Also a good idea to read the FAQ section concerning this position.
If you have visited Anna's work, and read the FAQ section about being a muse, and you are still interested, email me and we shall talk.

Current modeling jobs needed: (2) *
*Looking for local women to model nude in landscapes during the coming 2024 summer.  All shoots will one to three-day outings.  Ages 18 on up, no top end.  You will get all of the images on a flash drive.  Able to work around your schedule.



* Looking for models for general erotic work that live in or near the Grand Rapids, MN area (75 miles). 
All shoots will be conducted outdoors during summer and indoors during winter unless circumstances
dictate otherwise. 

You will get all of the images, edited and in full resolution on a flash drive and you may do with them as
you please. 
Prefer women 35-65 years of age, but open to working with others, at
both ends, providing the laws
are followed. 
No modeling experience needed.  Contact me for information about this work.  And please read
my ABOUT page, and CONTACT page prior to inquiries.

If you are interested in making erotic art, I look forward to hearing from you.
Come summer of 2024 I will be needing some outdoor erotic work for The Kinsey Institute.
Contact me if y
ou are interested in participating.
Models for erotic work can expect full physical contact.  There are no, "...but that part you can't
touch" scenarios.  I shoot what I need to shoot for a particular erotic show
.  You need to be all in for
work, or do not approach me for erotic modeling.  Most final images are implied, where it looks
like they are, 
but the viewer does not get to see what is actually taking place, even when it is. 
That can be the result of a blocked view, or a cropped image, such as the first one below.  But shows
Expect the scenes to be real, because I don't care how good you think you can fake an orgasm,
when all is said and done, faked erotica 
will look terrible, and I don't do terrible.
I do not shoot bondage, fetishes, dominance, or anything that causes pain.  Models will end a
in the exact condition they arrived in, although exhaustedoften sweaty, and sometimes,
a bit more content.
Legal Notice:  All erotic shoots are recorded by time stamped video and audio, uninterrupted from start to the time the model leaves.  These recordings are made to protect both the model and me (mostly me) and are used for no other reason.  They are never seen by anyone.  Just a clear record of what actually took place and who agreed to participate.
I have never had a model complain about working with me, and I am doing my best to make sure that never happens.
On a side note:  I do not get offended by anything a model does.  You can grab me by the whatever, I don't care, and I won't be offended.  I was brought up differently than those today and I rather welcome an occasional playful act.  Not required, but if that game is played, expect to get your ass slapped because it is a two-way street.
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