Denise with images of her at a show in Vermont
Content after a mid-day nap.
It's Raining, Again...  in Utah.  Blue River Dream & Sarah 219
Sarah in the pink Crocs is the beautiful lady who adorns my home page
Ayn being frisky
But unlike people today, I'm not offended. 
I rather enjoyed being groped.  No damage done, and everybody had a good time.
Sheba mixes bath and pleasure
Still a kid at heart
Taken by Denise
Minneapolis warehouse show
The models are always picking up my camera.  I don't mind, and I find some strange images when I get home.
Taken by Sarah J.  You can see her with that tree in OUTDOORS
My shoes are never dry
Taken by T.
Kelsey on the sofa
Crashed before she got to sip her wine.
School teacher from another state.
Sometimes they forget that it is my studio
No sand up your butt on this beach
Taken by Roberta
Die Another Day
For those "Church Ladies" that think photographing the human form is evil and dirty.  Taken during the Covid lockdown.
Artistic Physique feeling guilty about hounding me for a motel room for the night.
Time out for a ride on the lake.
Sarah Jean - Biochemist
As you have probably guessed by now, my home is a clothing optional compound.
Do what you want on break.
Brooke likes to throw pots.
Taken by D.L.
Dave's Rule:  You can't wear clothes in his canoe.
Get them to stomp their feet to check for thin ice
One of the reasons I don't like cell phones.
People want you to look at their pictures.
I don't know who took this.  There were six models milling about.
Abs raiding my garden
Morning Bath in the Boundary Waters
You want me to do what?
Okay, that thing is dripping all over the place.
I got news for you, so is yours.
The inelegance of being human
Taken by interval timer during an erotic set w/ Abs
This is what happens when you do fall through the ice.   Katy T
Sometimes getting there is not graceful, especially in your 60s
Must be cowboy boot season.
Kristin - Studio session pee break
Jolene is different.  Nice, but different.  "And your little dog too!"
What to do next  -  Erin
Old School
Taken by Jesse
There is a bicycle in here!   Natanya
Taken by E.
Fancy base camp
Taken by Sarah 219
Don't make fun of the  dishwasher.
Cheryl - Interior designer
Rose and Blue River Dream
Taken by D.L.
Everybody likes my shower.      Erin
Her butt looks better than mine. 
But it is 40 years younger...
Near Tucson, Arizona
Ayn found my remote.
And, Dani.
Sometimes you lose your model over the waterfall.
Pretty good shot from the hip to capture it, if I do say so myself.  She lived.
Paramedic from Alaska.
She was in this area for a training course and decided to give it a go.
She did very well.  See,
"The Offering" in outdoors.
Sometimes I need a break too.  Hannah
Taken by Anne
Sometimes people show up.
Badlands, South Dakota
If their husbands asked them to take off their clothes and go out and lay on the ice, they would tell their husbands to go f__k themselves. 
But they will do it for me.
Another model craps out before dinner
That looks f__king cold.
Sarah J. - ER nurse
Defiant Denise 
You can tell when Hannah is done for the day
One of the more talented women I have worked with is this little lady.  And I mean little.  We stopped at Walmart and bought those pajamas for her to wear between shots, being the dead of winter.  They are for an 8-year-old, and you could have easily stuffed two of her into them.  She is 49 inches tall.  Nia is her name, and she can be found throughout my portfolios.
Beth tripped over a tent rope on a, middle of the night pee run
Okay, I guess I will have to share one last behind the scenes image with you.  I was testing this material hung from the studio ceiling for an upcoming shoot (See, Night Flight in studio).  I didn't want the model falling onto the concrete floor and getting blood all over.  While I was up there, I decided to do a little posing myself.  In doing so I managed to get one of my ankles wrapped up in the fabric and couldn't get it out.  I was thinking how silly it was going to look to whoever found my body, naked, hanging from one foot, upside down by baby blue fabric.  About the time my arms were giving out and I thought I was done for, someone walked into the studio.  Standing on top of the modeling table they were able to unwrap my ankle.  Of course, the camera managed to record the ugly scene for posterity.