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Just a wee bit of insight into how working with me goes.  If we are not having a good time, something is wrong.

Nadine content after a mid-day nap.
When models and I are not in a motel, that thing in the background is our home.
Denise with a couple of our images of her at a show in, Vermont? (Can't remember)
I did not take this photo.  I rarely attend my own gallery shows unless I am in the neighborhood.
It's Raining, Again...  in Utah.  Blue River Dream & Sarah 219
Sarah in the pink Crocs is the beautiful lady who adorns my home page
Sheba mixes bath and pleasure.
Minneapolis warehouse show
Brooke mimicking Brooke
This is what you find when you fall asleep and leave your camera where the model can get her hands on it.
Photo by Rebecca  (I assume)

Discussing artistic differences for a shot somewhere in Indiana.  It was her set so I should have butted out, but I felt like I needed to express my opinion.

Studio Break

It was on her bucket list to model nude, and she was going to go for it even though her husband thought she was nuts.
We had a wonderful evening with lots of conversation, photos, and a newly developed friendship.
Strip away all material items and you are left with raw humanity, and there is no better bonding agent.

No sand up your butt on this beach.
Photo by wife.
Scouting locations to work at.
Models Mingling
Kelsey & Ayn

This one I took at a show in Chicago.  We were heading to Starved Rock State Park to work for a couple of days right after the show opening.  If I do take more than one model on an adventure, only one goes out with me at a time.  The rest remain in camp.
Die Another Day
For those "Church Ladies" that think photographing the human form is evil and dirty.  Taken during the Covid lockdown.
I photograph these eagles for 91 days straight.  Turned me into a gawd damn wildlife photographer for 3 months.  If you really care to see more of this eagle family, click this image.
Her butt looks better than mine. 
But it is 40 years younger...
Outing w/ Nadine Near Tucson, Arizona
She is also the photographer in charge on this set. I'm just a prop.
Erin likes film
Erin graces the cover page on my STUDIO portfolio.  Erin is also an accomplished violinist and I usually ask her to bring along her violin when she visits.

Denise feeling guilty about hounding me for a motel room for the night.  I didn't tell her, but that bed and shower did feel pretty wonderful after a few days in a tent.
But letting her feel guilty was better.
Some model / photographers like to use my studio.
She is shooting with my then Nikon F5 &           80-200 f 2.8, for those "got to know" people.  That was before digital cameras became good enough for me to accept them as a reasonable means of recording images.
Time out for a ride on the lake.
Sarah Jean - Biochemist
S.J. and I have road tripped around the country several times.  I began working with her about 25 years ago.  Now she lives in L.A., unfortunately.  When we first started out working together, she was just a kid that carried around a stuffed alpaca toy.  Now she is 40+ years old.
Sometimes you lose your model over the waterfall.
Pretty good shot from the hip, if I do say so myself.  Well... It wasn't like I was going to be able to catch her.  She lived.

Hannah is cute as a bug's ear, and one of the best companions to be on a road trip with because she is as goofy as I am.  And, she is up for anything.

One of the reasons I don't like cell phones.
People want you to look at their pictures.
This was a while back.  Don't take multiple models out anymore.  Just a waste of time for me.  Too many people to get serious work done. And, although I have a six-man tent, it really is only comfortable for two people to live in once
we get the queen airbed set up. Excess people end up sleeping on the ground, wedged between gear.  I got nothing usable from this shoot.  Had fun, but no gallery images to show for it.  And then...  That damn cell phone!

Hocking Hills, Ohio
Some days things just don't go right.

Anna raiding my garden, and crushing my beans.
Do what you want on break.
Brooke likes to throw pots.
This is the wife's half of the studio.
Morning Bath in the Boundary Waters
All the running water you could ever want.

Get them to stomp their feet to check for thin ice.
"You want me to do what?"
(Nice tee shirt, girl)
If their husbands asked them to take off their clothes and go out and lay on the ice, they would tell their husbands to go f__k themselves. 
But they will for me.
Actually I just wanted to see if she would do it.
Sometimes getting there is not graceful, especially in your 60s.
She is a real trouper that is up for most things.

Hannah, & Me
All work and no play make for dull people who miss out on the joys of life.
Hannah got on that log and did her Dirty Dancing gig while singing, Hey Baby.  I was impressed, not only with her singing, but her dirty dancing moves right out of the movie.

This is what happens when you do fall through the ice.   Katy T
We didn't know it at this point in time, but she also had a fractured leg. 
Katy is from Arizona and had several photographers lined up to work with after me.  This incident put an end to all of those.  
I was not responsible for this
 however. Not entirely.  Maybe a little bit.
Norman Rockwell ?
Just caught Erin trying to think of a pose for a shot.  I like it better than the pose she came up with.
Jolene is different.  Nice, but different.
Originally Jolene came to me for a photo to give her boyfriend.  The boyfriend came and went out of her life, but she kept coming back to model.
You can tell when Hannah is done for the day.  She also displays the same face if there is a lot of seagull poop on the rock, so you have to interpret her meaning.

One of the more talented women I have worked with is this little lady.  And I mean little.  We stopped at Walmart and bought those pajamas for her to wear between shots, being the dead of winter.  They are for an 8-year-old, and you could have easily stuffed two of her into them.  Nia is her name, and she can be found throughout my portfolios, and one of the better photographers I have known.  She is better at studio photography than I am.
Fall clean up
Just farting around in my yard with a couple of ladies who were staying with me for a few days.
"I'm going to slap that thing if it doesn't settle down."
Inelegance of being human.
Interval timer shot during an erotic set with Jenny.
Hey, I'm human too.  And, I am not dead yet.

"Really!  You have the entire river, and you have to fish right there?"

Fishermen seem to pay zero attention to naked women.  Happens more often than you think.

This lava flow rock is easy on your feet.
Jesse Cotton
Jes is a much sought after California model who came to work with me a few times.  Super nice person.  She has done a lot of underwater work with me in Lake Superior.
"Mariner's Dream" & "Shell Seeker's" are a couple of hers.

The models are always picking up my camera.  I don't mind, and I find some strange images when I get home.
Photo by Sarah J. (ER nurse)
Sarah is also an excellent rock climber.
That's her, right down here:


Beth tripped over a tent rope on a, middle of the night pee run and she did a face plant in the dirt.  Alcohol was a contributing factor.
"That looks f__king cold."
Sarah J. - ER nurse
Lake Superior at about 40 degrees.  She did get in, eventually.
Really liked working with her until she got these giant wings tattooed on her back.  Still like hanging out with her though.  Super great lady.
Defiant Denise 
I don't think she was thrilled with my idea.  But, she finally gave in and climbed the vine.
"I'm going to take a shower while you get dressed for dinner", I said.  I came out of the bathroom to find this.  Out like a light!
Sarah Jean, somewhere in the southwest.  May have been Phoenix.

Studio session pee break.
Nice outfit!
No bathroom in my studio so she had to go over to the house.  She is on her way back in this image.
Sometimes people show up.
(Badlands, South Dakota)
Most people we encounter pay little attention.  Once you are away from the parking lots you lose the "Church Ladies", and the outdoor/hiking type of people are just as willing to go skinny dipping in a river to cool off as we are. 
Break time with Hannah
Forgot to turn off the interval timer which resulted in about 40 images that all looked like this.  Slight variations with feet positions, but pretty much all the same.

Ayn found my remote.
And, Dani.
Break during a studio set in Ohio.
This was Dani's first photo shoot, and the first time I had met her.  Seemed like a very nice lady with an infectious smile. 
Dave's Rule:  You can't wear clothes in his canoe.
Rules are rules.
As you have probably guessed by now, my home is a clothing optional compound.
(My muse of 20 years and best friend, Anna)

Crashed before she got to sip her wine.  Smack in the middle of the bed.
One of the eight Sarahs I have worked with, and one of the better people in this world. 

Taking a break during an erotic set with Andria.  I'm clenching the remote trigger, which is why this image exists, by accident.
Most wintertime erotic work is done in hotels because they do not have all the clutter homes have.  Also, I find people are willing to let loose more in a hotel room than they are in their home.  It is almost like they think some house angel is watching them model for erotica in their home and they are uncomfortable allowing themselves to freely express their emotions.  Anyway, hotel rooms work out well.

Everybody likes my shower
Even my neighbors come over to use it during the summer.  It's the outdoor thing.  Plus, it blasts you well.
Don't make fun of the  dishwasher.
Cheryl in my kitchen.
You don't get out of chores when staying with me.
Fancy base camp, with Rose and Blue River Dream
I (me) managed to shear the lower unit off one of the two motors on this rig on a submerged rock that was clearly marked with a sign that said, "ROCKS".

Plotting ideas with Jesse.
Photo by my wife who came along for the hike.  You can see by my butt that I have been sliding it about on the rocks already.  Shooting a carbon fiber 4X5 sheet film camera with this set.  probably a 90 or 120mm Schneider lens, judging by where it is pointed.  Ah, the good old days of 45 pound camera packs.  Don't miss it one damn bit.

Sarah 219 dressed for dinner at base camp.
Those are my stockings by the way, but I let her use them for the evening.

Emotions running amuck with Anna.  Not uncommon when you are putting that much energy into a shoot.  Been on the other end myself a few times.

Hannah enjoying the foam pool.  This is an old lava flow, that's why the rock looks like it does.  With a light rain the river will rise another 8 feet and all of this will be under a torrent, which makes those round holes.

Denise finally wakes up, sort of.
As much as I would like them to be up at the crack of dawn, I often give in and let them sleep longer, knowing they had a hard day the day before.  Adventures can't be all work.

Hannah takes a hit from a rogue wave.
Not only strong, but ice cold.

Sometimes you lose your footing and get swept down river. 
My "
drown rat" comment didn't go over well.
Muse Anna
Lost a couple of cameras over the years to river mishaps.

Small Gallery show in Chicago with Ayn & Kelsey.
Lady behind the couch is the gallery owner.

A few days modeling for Dave has taken its toll.
Time to take this one home.
Not as serious as it looks.  Just laying on rough rocks for a few days makes a mess of your hide for a bit.  Plus, she was getting sunburn patterns that were driving me nuts.  I wouldn't have cared if she was burnt all over, so it was uniform, but not in patterns.  Told her not to wear clothes until we were done working.  I could have used the other side of her for a couple more days.

When a critter swims up your crotch.
That is a roaring laugh, not a scream.

Passing hiker offers a boost up.
Most gals who model for me on a regular basis are not a bit concerned about other adults strolling by.  We do keep an eye peeled for children however.

Okay, I guess I will have to share one last behind the scenes image with you.  I was testing this material hung from the studio ceiling for an upcoming shoot (See, Night Flight in studio).  I didn't want the model falling onto the concrete floor and getting blood all over.  While I was up there, I decided to do a little posing myself.  In doing so I managed to get one of my ankles wrapped up in the fabric and couldn't get it out.  I was thinking how silly it was going to look to whoever found my body, naked, hanging from one foot, upside down by baby blue fabric.  About the time my arms were giving out and I thought I was done for, someone walked into the studio.  Standing on top of the modeling table they were able to unwrap my ankle.  Of course, the camera managed to record the ugly scene for posterity.
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