*Note:  I am no longer doing studio work.  I will be                           concentrating solely on outdoor images.
Fully read my ABOUT page.
If you have an interest in modeling for me, or just want to leave a comment (be nice), please contact me by clicking the email link above.  Anyone can be a model, all you have to do is, want to.  Most of the people in my images are friends, neighbors, wives, and mothers.  It is not often that I am willing to pay a professional model to work with me.
Anonymity is an option in all of my work.
If a face or tattoo is shown that can be recognized, you will be asked to sign a model release allowing me to use your likeness. 

There are two types of modeling I am looking for, and they are quite different from one another, so let me break them down.

Nudes in landscapes:  This is my passion and is the main focus of my work.  Models can be of any age, as long as the laws are followed, however they must be reasonably fit as we do a lot of hiking and camping while in the field.  Also, you may end up hauling gear if we remote camp in the back woods.  
The model will end up with all images taken, edited for blemishes, bruises, etc. in full resolution on a flash drive.  They may receive a gallery size print from that shoot, if they have worked hard enough to deserve one.  
For nude in landscape, I am looking for raw bodies to sculpt into nature.  To be a part of the scene.  I am not interested in seeing a face on the model, and prefer that it not be shown, but that is not always practical.  With this work the model is a prop that I can mold to fit an idea in my head.  I do not want makeup, jewelry, or fancy hairdos.  What you look like when you get up in the morning, before you hit the bathroom, is just fine.
You will be uncomfortable posing on rocks, and I will no doubt bend your limbs around in unnatural positions.  Seasoned models will tell you, "It won't look fantastic unless it hurts".  You will get to see some wonderful scenery, but you will go home tired and sore.  The soreness will fade, but the memories and images will last a lifetime.

Erotica:   This is my secondary work, and it takes a back seat to my nudes in landscapes.  Let me start out by saying that I will never solicit someone who is modeling for nudes in landscapes to model for my erotic work.  If you want to model in this arena you will have to bring it up to me.  It is for all of our interests that I work it this way, things being what they are these days where you can't talk to someone without them being offended by something.  Actually, I rather enjoy offending those type of people, but being a business owner, it pays to be prudent.  
Again, there are no age limitations for working with me in this field as long as the laws are followed.  
Erotica has a focus on an individual, or number of individuals, as opposed to my landscape work.  This is not porn.  Porn is there for you to get off on, where erotica is meant to tickle awake a desire.
If you state that you are interested in modeling for my erotic work, I will ask that you model for my nudes in landscapes first.  This gives me a good idea if you are going to be comfortable enough to shoot erotica.   As a matter of fact, I won't even discuss what we can do in the erotic field until we have worked together at least once in a non-erotic venue.

*Please do not contact me stating you want to shoot erotica in an attempt to lure me into internet sex.  I have been around that barn too many times.  Plus, I'm no good at it.  You would not be satisfied with the results, I assure you.

Like my nudes in landscapes, modeling for erotica is hard work.  What looks like a serine and sensual image to a viewer will no doubt be uncomfortable for the model.  This is not motion pictures where you are able to act passionately.  This is still work that you may have to hold a pose for several minutes at a time.  And even though the scenes are real, you are not going to wrap up an erotic session wanting to go home and, to borrow a phrase from one of my models, jump someone's bones.  You are more likely to go home and take a nap because you are exhausted.  Erotica can run the gamut from fully clothed too full-blown whatever.  
*Note:  I do not shoot with sex toys; nurses costumes; Mrs. Claus outfits; lingerie; or any other props.  I do not shoot what you want to give your husband or boyfriend, I shoot what I want for my erotic shows.  Blue jeans and a fuzzy sweater are far more erotic than see-through baby dolls and a dildo.  Erotica is not crappy porn.  If you are interested in crappy porn, you need to look elsewhere. 
All future erotic work will be done outside.  I have no interest in working in a studio anymore.  The exception being if we are cooped up in a motel room because it is pouring rain or some such thing and there is little else to do. 

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