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Contact Dave.  Click on this link below.


*Note:  I am no longer doing studio work.  I will be concentrating solely on outdoor images, with the exception of erotic work will be done indoors if the weather is not conducive to working outside.
Fully read my ABOUT page.
If you have an interest in modeling for me, have a question, or just want to leave a comment, please contact me by clicking the email link above.  Anyone can be a model, all you have to do is, want to.  My only requirement is that you are physically fit as we do a lot of hiking.  Most of the people in my images are friends, neighbors, wives, mothers, people just like you.  It is not often that I am willing to pay a professional model to work with me.
Anonymity is an option in all of my work.
If a face or tattoo is shown that can be recognized, you will be asked to sign a model release allowing me to use your likeness.  (It's a legal thing.)    

*For those wanting to model for nudes in landscapes, or erotica:  I will immediately be asking for some information, so you might as well include it in your first email.  I will need to know your age, and will require a full-length photo of yourself, along with a general location of where you reside.  Also, which venue you are wanting to model in, nudes in landscapes or erotica. In terms of the photo, I will leave it up to you but the better I can get a handle on your body style the better I can plan on what and where to shoot with you.  More is better from my perspective in terms of planning, and if we work together, I will see it all anyway.  Do not send me explicit stuff.  I'm not interested.  I just want to know your body shape and condition, so I know how to best use it.  There are no perfect bodies out there.  We all have flaws and wear, stretch marks and sagging folds, moles and scars, chubby tummies and fatty thighs.  I look something akin to an old goat, and I still model. The Halle Berrys do not exist in the real world. So do not think your body is not good enough, or it is too old.  It is all a matter of fitting you into the proper scene in a correct way to create beauty with a story behind it.  
Models will get all the images on a flash drive.

Check out the MODEL page for current offers.

PS:  Please do not contact me with the pretense of modeling for my erotic work with the real intent of luring me into internet sex.  I have been around that barn too many times.  Plus, I'm no good at it.
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